Data Protection and Privacy

We take the protection of our members’ data and privacy seriously. Here is a description of what data we hold, what we use it for, and who can see it. 

We hold two sorts of data:

Personal Details: For each member we keep their contact details, a list of which plots they have, and what level of rent concession they are entitled to. Once we have verified that a member is entitled to a rent concession, we don’t record the reason for it.  We don’t keep details of people who have left the allotments.  We use all this information to calculate the correct rent for each member, and to communicate with them about important allotment business. This information is only available to the officers of the committee who need to use it: the Treasurer, Secretary, Letting Officer and Chair.  We are also required to send a list of our members’ names and addresses to Leeds City Council to help them manage allotments across the city.

Mailing List: We maintain a mailing list of members who wish to receive news of what is happening around the allotments. This list is closed, which means that other people on the list can’t get your email address from it. All of the messages are moderated before they are sent out, so there should be no spam.  You can unsubscribe from the mailing list any time you want by clicking on the link at the bottom of one of the emails, or you can ask and us we will do it for you.

If you would like to see what data we have about you, or to correct it if you believe it is wrong, ask a member of the committee, who will pass your request on.