• Rules from Leeds City Council
  • Rules from Hollin Lane Allotments
  • Officers of Hollin Lane Allotments


Hollin Lane Allotments is a self governing allotment site. That means that we rent the site from Leeds City Council and run it ourselves. We try to keep the number of rules to a minimum, but there still seem to be a lot of them. Some come from the Council and some are our own. We have collected them all together here in PDF format for anyone to download.

Rules from Leeds City Council

  • Council Rules for Allotments.
    A new set rules for allotments was adopted by the Council in 2020. Most of the rules apply to Council run sites, but the ones we have to pay especial attention to are in Section 6: General Conditions under which the Allotment Gardens are to be Cultivated
  • Rules for Structures and Greenhouses on Allotments.
    There are new, more realistic rules concerning structures like sheds and greenhouses, and if we follow them we shouldn’t need to apply for permission in writing in future.
  • Pictures of allowed structures.
  • Obligations of Trustees.  The Trustees are the people who legally represent Hollin Lane Allotments and sign the lease. They are responsible for for the safety of the site, and for making sure that the we keep all the conditions of the lease and enforce the Council’s rules.
  • Plot rents are decided by the Council and collected by us, along with fees for water and LDAGF membership.  Discounts on rents are available for certain qualifying benefits.

Rules from Hollin Lane Allotments

Officers of Hollin Lane Allotments

Elected at the Annual General Meeting on 24 October 2023.

  • Chair (email):
    • J Foster, plot 30, 31B
  • Secretary (email):
    • J Harnett 15BL
  • Plot Letting (email)
    • R Hall, plots 12B, 23B
  • Treasurer (email):
    •  J Willers 36TR
  • Committee (email):
    • L Allen 32TR
    • N Clarke 20T
    • J Eisenberg 36TL, 41BR
    • C Foren 32BL
    • G Foster 20T
    • S Heleine 29T
    • J Heywood  35L
    • S Knight 32TL
  • Trustees (email):
    • J Foster, plot 30
    • C Foren, plot 32BL
    • G Foster, plot 20T