Background Information

Information on Allotments in Leeds
There are 99 allotment sites in Leeds and District.  Of these, 61 sites are self administered.  This means that the allotment holders run the site, including plot letting, collecting the rent and paying water rates.  The self administered sites are cost neutral to the Council.

There are currently about 3500 allotment holders in Leeds, and several thousand more who would like to become allotment holders.

The total Council budget for allotment maintenance in 2010 was only £75000 for all 99 sites.

Information from the Review of statutory duties:
Here is the entry on the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1098, taken from the Government’s Review of statutory duties – DCLG owned (7 March 2011) spreadsheet.

Department for Communities and Local Government

Unique ref Number


Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 Section 23


Title of duty
Allotment authorities (that is, parish councils, or where there isn’t one, district councils) must provide a sufficient number of allotments and let them to persons resident in the area (where they are of the opinion that there is a demand).

Statutory guidance and/or non statutory guidance for this duty?
No statutory guidance.  “Allotments: A plot holders’ guide”* is a non-statutory guide produced at the time of DTLR (archived on Department for Communities and Local Government website).  “A place to grow” – non-statutory guide.

Associated regulations (eg secondary legislation) for this duty

Function – What is it intended to achieved?
Intended to ensure that Local Authorities provide sufficient number of allotments for those in their area that want one

*Allotments: A plot holders’ guide is available from the Allotments Regeneration Initiative website.