AGM 2012

The 2012 AGM of Hollin Lane Allotments was held on 8 November at the Meanwood Institute.

Reports on 2012

Don’t even mention the weather!

There were a number of break-ins, and an arson attack which was attended by the fire service. The police stepped up patrols in the area. A new, more secure, gate at the Highbury end was installed with funding help from the Council.

Successful plant Bring & Buy sales were held in May and June, attended by plot holders and members of the public.

The autumn show was held on 9 September, with many good exhibits despite the awful summer, a ‘Bring Your Own’ barbecue, a garden bric-a-brac sale and a thrilling snail race.  Many thanks to Joe Maiden for judging the exhibits.

Hollin Lane Allotments was one of the sites studied in the Urban Pollinators Project by a group of UK universities.  Preliminary results show that allotments offer very favorable conditions for both honeybees and many species of wild bees.

Scheduled Trustees’ inspections were carried out at the start of March, June and September.  Plots were generally in a good state, but one tenancy of terminated because of non-cultivation.

The Treasurer presented the accounts for 2011-2012, which showed our finances to be in a good state.

Election of Officers

The officers elected for 2012-2013 were

  • Chair: Joe Foster
  • Treasurer: David Jones
  • Secretary: Louise Allen
  • Commitee: Rosie Hall, Ness Clark, Donald Hood, Gillian North, John Oughton, Pat Shore, Jenny Ward, Peter Blakey

Rosie Hall agreed to act as letting secretary.  Many thanks to Peter Blakey, who did the job for many years!


Prizes for the best plots were awarded as follows:

  • First: Joe Foster
  • Second: Malcolm Coles
  • Third: Malcolm Slade
  • Best Newcomer: Jointly Clare Simpson and Mary Davis

Many thanks to Joe Maiden for judging the best plots.

The overall winner of the autumn show was Rosie Hall, who also won the prize for the best exhibit in the show.