Here are some recipes to make the most of your beautiful fresh produce, and also to help you cope with those surpluses that happen in good years. They have all been tried by gardeners at Hollin Lane Allotments and they really work. Please send us your favourites, too.

  • Mexican Refried Beans Frijoles refritos are easy to make, and Borlotti beans work really well.
  • Okonomiyaki A Japanese favourite Okonomiyaki is a cabbage ‘pancake’.
  • Dried Beans It is not so hard to cook dried beans on your stove top.
  • Beetroot Tarte Tatin Recipe A beetroot recipe which is both different and delicious.
  • Apple Biscuit An old French recipe. Don’t be fooled by the name; it’s actually a cake.
  • Swedish Crispbread Jayne brought some one of our work parties. Delicious!
  • Greek Baked Giant Beans I wondered if our white “Aztec” beans would work in this…
  • Tuscan Beans My favorite bean dish, using our large white “Aztec” beans, or borlottis.
  • Rhubarb Mousse has an unexpected gentleness on the palate and a subtle flavour…
  • Golden Apple Mincemeat Joan Croft’s delicious filling for tartlets, flans, sponge cake or topping to ice cream…