Work Parties

Hollin Lane Allotments are running work parties to improve the surface of the Meanwood Valley Trail where it runs past the allotments. Everyone is welcome to help out.

Hollin Lane Allotments are running two work parties to improve the surface of the Meanwood Valley Trail where it runs past the allotments. The dates are

  • Saturday 24 Feb, from 10am
  • Sunday 25 Feb, from 2pm.

Meet by our main gate, down the dirt track from the bottom of Hollin Drive LS16, or just turn up and announce yourself to the people there.

The work will involve scraping some mud off the surface of the path and filling puddles with crushed stone. Some tools and wheelbarrows will be provided by the allotments. The stone is provided by the Council’s Rights of Way manager. Many thanks to Cllr Sue Bentley for facilitating this.

There will be hot drinks and delicious home-made cakes. Our work parties are usually quite fun. We are hoping for a turnout from people who live nearby, or who just use this footpath.

New Gates

We have new secure main gates to match the fence, thanks to Leeds Wellbeing Fund from the Inner North West Community Committee.

After our new fence was installed along the bottom of our site there was still one big gap in our security: the old main gates. These were very solidly built, but only about five feet high and easy to climb or to pass stolen items over. Also, they were too narrow to allow large delivery lorries to come through. For these reasons we wanted to replace them with new gates which were taller, wider, strong, and like the new fence. Expensive!

We applied for grants, and Leeds City Council’s Wellbeing Fund from the Inner North West Community Committee awarded us a generous £1370. This was enough for a beautiful new gate from Airedale Fencing, the same firm that did our new fence.

Lottery Funded Fence

We have a new, secure fence along the bottom of our site, thanks to the Big Lottery Fund.

Over the last few years we have suffered many break-ins on the allotments. Sometimes they are just about annoying vandalism, but things can get more serious: thefts of crops, tools, a greenhouse and a polytunnel, and even arson. This has a corrosive effect on people’s morale here. We have seen some allotment sites abandoned because of this problem, and only revived when security was improved.

Part of the problem is the old chestnut paling fence along the public footpath at the bottom of our site. It is only about four feet high, which makes it easy to vault or to pass stolen items over, and it is badly decayed, literally only held up by bushes in some places. Thieves were easily breaking through the rotting palings and stealing some quite large items. We have done what we could, repairing the damage and planting brambles as a deterrent, but this was no longer enough. We conducted a survey of plot holders’ feelings about our security, and about 85% of us felt a new fence would be helpful.

A good, high security fence along the whole bottom of our site was bound to be expensive, so we made a case to the Big Lottery Fund for help. Their generous gift of  £9,128 allowed us to select the best from several quotations, and the work was finished by Airedale Fencing just this Thursday, 26 Oct 2017. So, big thanks to the Big Lottery Fund!

Thanks also to our volunteers, and to Leeds City Council Parks and Countryside, who turned up to help clear the space for the new fence. 

Here are a couple of Before and After photos of the fence:







We will encourage the blackberries and sloes to grow through the fence to soften the look of it from the public footpath, as well as planting some spring bulbs and bee-friendly flowers along the base.

AGM 2017

Our Annual General Meeting this year is at the Meanwood Institute on Green Road on Tuesday 24 Oct. Start time is 7:00pm!

Our Annual General Meeting this year is at the Meanwood Institute on Green Road on Tuesday 24 Oct. Please note the earlier start time of 7:00pm!  The meeting will begin with a talk on “The Plight of the Bumblebee” by Dr Catherine Coombes. Our usual business meeting will follow with reports on 2017,  election of officers for 2018, and prizegiving.

Please try to come!

Plant Bring & Buy Sale

We had our annual plant bring and buy sale on Sunday, 4 June and it was a huge success.

We had our 2017 plant bring and buy sale on Sunday, 4 June, in our car park area, and it was a great success in all ways.  The set-up at the beginning and putting-away at the end went very smoothly, with plenty of volunteers who worked together and got it all done really quickly.  There were huge crowds waiting to come in and buy stuff, many from outside the allotments (good publicity!).  Lots of people listened to “Compost John” give his famous talk on composting everything – yes, everything.  There were more really healthy looking plants on sale than I can ever remember.  The refreshments were delicious,  and finally, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves enormously.  Oh, and we made over £450 towards our allotment funds.

Big  thanks to everyone who helped out in any way (lots of you!), or who just came along.  It was all great fun!

New Loo, Tool Store, Planters

Finally, after many years absence, we now have a loo at Hollin Lane Allotments!

Loo and Tool Store

Finally, after many years absence, we now have a loo at Hollin Lane Allotments! Thanks to the support of Tesco’s Bags of Help Community grant scheme, we have two new cabins on site, made from TPR® (Thermo Polymerised Rock), a synthetic concrete-like material that uses recycled waste products. One cabin contains a composting toilet and the other will be our new communal tool shed.  The loo is a Swedish-designed separating toilet which is used in the same way as any other toilet and there is also a separate urinal for the gentlemen of the allotment!  As both cabins have a key pad, all members of the allotment need to be given the code and shown the basics of how to use the facilities to keep the new loo working properly, so please contact any committee members to get this information. We also have a few Toilet Fairies, who have volunteered to keep the facilities clean and well looked after, so if you want to help out, let us know.


As part of the same grant from TESCO, and with the help of volunteers from Morgans City Living, we have also built 8 large planters, which allotment volunteers will be planting up this spring with herbs and other fruit and veg or flowering plants.

AGM 2016

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 25 October at the Meanwood Institute.

Our Annual General Meeting was held on 25 October at the Meanwood Institute.  For the full story, read the minutes.  Here is a summary.


The Chair reported that 2016 had been a good season for us, with some bumper crops.  The Committee were very active, meeting six times, writing grant applications, and organizing work parties.

We held an Extraordinary General Meeting on the 3rd of August to add a dissolution clause to our constitution as required by some of our grant applications. All of our rules are available online, and posted on our communal hut.

This year we held just one Plant B&B Sale, on 5th June, which was quite successful.  Our Autumn Show, on 4 September, was judged this year by John Maiden, Joe’s son.

As usual, a lot of essential work around the site was done by volunteers: grass cutting, hedge trimming and general tidying.  Work parties got together to sand and paint the hut, grub out a tree stump on a plot, clear weeds on the coppice plot (46T), and start to prepare the “senior” and “starter” plots.

The chair reminded us about the rises in rents we are required by Leeds Council to charge.  Here are the charges for a full plot:

  • 2014 and 2015:  £38.50
  • 2016:  £58
  • 2017:  £65
  • 2018:  £72

The amount of rent we are allowed to keep for our own use stays the same, while the Council’s share goes up each year.

Gillian North is retiring from the Committee after many years.  Many thanks to her.

The Trustees held plot inspections on 1 March, 21 April, 1 June, 18 July, 5 September, 20 October, looking at health and safety issues and standards of cultivation. There was one eviction, and several plots improved after warning letters were sent.

There were several break-ins this year, but not much was taken.  We were reminded to be sure to scramble the codes on the locks, and not to reveal them to outsiders.

Some of our paths are quite narrow, with dangerous drop offs at the edges.  Please try to keep the paths at least 80cm wide, so that wheelbarrows and lawn mowers can get along them.

The Treasurer presented the accounts for the year which showed us to be in good shape.  We bought more manure this year, but charging £1 per barrow means we break even.  Together, the B&B and Show raised £566.

The Secretary outlined three successful grant applications made this year:

  • £1000 from the Council, to be used on the toilet project
  • £8000 from Tesco’s Bags of Help Award, to used for the toiled and a secure tool storage for plot holders.
  • £1500 from St Chad’s fund to used to set up the Seniors’ plot.

Rosie explained about the Leeds and District Allotment Gardeners city wide allotment competition, which we are encouraged to participate in. Our member Ros Dunlevey came 6th in the city, winning a gold certificate, and Malcolm Slade and Jayne Harnett each got a bronze.  Ros also had two photos included in the LDAGF calendar for 2017.

Election of Officers

All the officers stand down each year. The following were elected for 2017:

  • Chair Joe Foster
  • Secretary Angie Willshaw
  • Treasurer Ness Clark
  • Committee R Hall, L Allen, J Ward, C Evans, J Tennant-Jackson, D Hood, M Davies, J Balfour, S Stones.

Rosie Hall agreed to manage plot letting again this year.


The plots and autumn show were judged by John Maiden of Cliff Bank Nursery this year.  Many thanks!

  • Best Plot
    • 1st  Ros Dunlevey
    • 2nd  Joe Foster
    • 3rd  Malcolm Slade
  • Best Newcomer’s Plot  Steve Monether
  • Overall Show Winner Rosie Hall
  • Best Exhibit in Show  Rosie Hall
  • Joe Maiden Cup Joe Foster (the Chair forgot!)

Many thanks to our generous sponsors for the prizes: The Three Horseshoes, Glendor DIY, The Secret Garden Cafe.


The coppice wood  on plot 46T was cleared and planted with saplings over the last couple of years.  More work is needed regularly to maintain it.  Later – a big team from Morgans City Living came on 19 November and did a huge amount of work clearing and sheeting down the whole site.

The composting toilet and communal toolshed were expected soon. This project has been made a reality by the hard work and dedication of Angie Willshaw and others. Later – the concrete base and main structures have been in place since January 2017, and are now (February)  just awaiting finishing touches.

The senior plots are planned for plot 10BL. The idea is to create a number of raised beds on an easily accessible part of the site for people who may not want to keep up a whole plot, but would like to carry on growing some vegetables and still be a part of the allotment community. More work is needed to get them ready.

The idea of starter plots is to have a number of beds set out for people on the waiting list who would like to have a go for a year before taking on a proper plot. Later – start has already been made on plot 1B.



Tesco Bags of Help Grant

The Tesco Bags of Help scheme is offering us a grant to install a composting toilet on our site.

The Tesco Bags of Help scheme is offering us a grant to install a composting toilet on our site.  This should cover purchase of a strong little hut and the toilet, as well as installation, if we are lucky.  You can help by casting a vote for our project next time you are shopping in a local Tesco between 31 Oct and 13 Nov.Tesco explain:

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative in hundreds of regions across England and Wales. The scheme will see three community groups and projects in each of these regions awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge.
Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s 416 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags. The public will now vote in store from 26 September to 9 October on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. In total, there is over £12.5 million up for grabs.

Huge thanks to Angie Wilshaw for putting our bid for this money together!

Constitution amended

On 3rd August 2016 we held and Extraordinary General Meeting which voted unanimously to amend our Association Rules (constitution) to include a dissolution clause:

On 3rd August 2016 we held and Extraordinary General Meeting which voted unanimously to amend our Association Rules (constitution) to include a dissolution clause:

15. DISSOLUTION. In the event of the Dissolution of the Society, funds will be used to defray all debts and liabilities incurred by the Society. Any funds remaining after this will, if possible, be transferred to a local organisation with similar objectives in their constitution, or shall be given for charitable purposes. The decision as to transfer of remaining funds will be taken by the committee or, should there be no viable committee, by any remaining Trustees of the Society.