New Loo, Tool Store, Planters

Loo and Tool Store

Finally, after many years absence, we now have a loo at Hollin Lane Allotments! Thanks to the support of Tesco’s Bags of Help Community grant scheme, we have two new cabins on site, made from TPR® (Thermo Polymerised Rock), a synthetic concrete-like material that uses recycled waste products. One cabin contains a composting toilet and the other will be our new communal tool shed.  The loo is a Swedish-designed separating toilet which is used in the same way as any other toilet and there is also a separate urinal for the gentlemen of the allotment!  As both cabins have a key pad, all members of the allotment need to be given the code and shown the basics of how to use the facilities to keep the new loo working properly, so please contact any committee members to get this information. We also have a few Toilet Fairies, who have volunteered to keep the facilities clean and well looked after, so if you want to help out, let us know.


As part of the same grant from TESCO, and with the help of volunteers from Morgans City Living, we have also built 8 large planters, which allotment volunteers will be planting up this spring with herbs and other fruit and veg or flowering plants.