Joe Maiden

We were very sad to hear that Joe Maiden passed away on Thursday, 17 September 2015, after a long fight with prostate cancer.  Joe was a gardening expert on Radio Leeds’ for over forty years.  He was also prominent in the National Vegetable Society, Leeds Horticultural Society, and many others.  He wrote a regular column for Kitchen Garden magazine and frequently gave talks around the region.  He has received many awards for his charitable activities.
He has been associated with Hollin Lane Allotments for over thirty years, finding time in his busy schedule to walk around our site and judge the “best plot” each year, and to join us on a September Sunday to judge the exhibits in our Autumn Show.   He had his own way of doing the judging – explaining how he made his choices, and throwing out, gardening lore, funny stories and good cheer as he went.
We will miss the help and encouragement which has done so much to improve our allotments and gardening generally for so long.